Our story

Our team and co-founders all work very closely to make The Pod a success in Canberra, creating a high quality product and a reputable well known brand.

All starting with a question from Robert Valk asking his daughter “Jacki (Valk), can you take a look at this and see what you can do with it?” to, “ I really need to build a team” to “looks like we need to expand to NSW”. The humble beginnings of The Pod has been an incredible journey to date.

Launching in January 2018 and receiving an abundance of enquiries, “this made us significantly realise the high demand for superior, quality finishes in the granny flat market”, Jacki says.

Some of Jacki’s previous experience was working for a national finance advisory as well as a local developer, both of which have helped her develop the creativity and knowledge to build Robert’s idea into a well known brand and a quality solution to granny flats in the ACT. 

Jacki mentions in her speech from 2019 at Female Innovators in the nation’s capital, “My mission at The Pod Canberra is that I want to help people enjoy where they live, and if it is where they are going to end up forever then I want to make sure they love it and it lasts!”. Many of the clients that The Pod caters for and is helping, are the ones who want this to be their last home.

Something practical, high quality and all done for you. “To me, these three qualities are something I would suspect that a lot of other people would desire, not just seniors”. Jacki mentions.

Partnering up with Rob, who has the wealth of experience in the planning & design industry while also a builder, makes this team a solid one. Rob has been teaching Jacki from the very beginning of The Pod. “My Dad is amazing, we really work well together. I make things look good while working closely with clients, while he focuses efforts on design, planning & quality control with trades. I will never stop learning from him.” Jacki says.

Jacki loves giving back and has partnered with School for Life to provide homes for people in Uganda. “We hope one day we can be building more around the world helping those in need of shelter”. It’s so important that we all give back to the world, even if it’s just a little, a little bit can go a long way”. Jacki says.

This is Bailey our Pod dog, the mini Labradoodle who guards our office and loves to come on site whenever he is allowed! Our mascot now has a bandana uniform.

You can read more about The Pod story in our blogs.

The Pod team welcome enquiries to understand your needs in our ever changing environment. Get in touch, we look forward to the opportunity of seeing how we can help.

The Pod product

Our architecturally designed Pods are a modern take on the granny flat / secondary residence in Canberra. We have a sleek linear design with large glass doors, wooden feature cladding, and spacious internals. The overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing home that can be painted to match the existing property on the block. Each of our Pod designs are specifically designed for disability use. Only minimal conversions will be required to make the Pod completely accessible for people with a disability. A design acceptance report from a disability architect is our guarantee that your Pod will meet those requirements.

Canberra is a perfect place for you to build a Pod. The traditional house and land is becoming more expensive for the younger generation to buy. Young families are living at home with their parents, or in small homes that won’t be able to sustain their future family growth.

Having a Pod has allowed young couples to have a bigger backyard with bigger living while being close to family or friends and enjoying suburban life rather than high-rise apartment living. Parents or families have wanted to keep their family and friends closer to still have a connection, yet their own space. Therefore building a Pod is perfect for accommodating visitors or housing older kids that enjoy living at home with their own independent access as well. The older generation wants their own space while still being close to their kids and grandchildren. Not all elderly are willing or wanting to be put in a nursing home, therefore a Pod in the backyard can be an ideal alternative.

The Pod is also great as an addition to the existing home or an investment with an additional form of income to the household by renting your Pod out.

Wooden cabinet, round wooden table with two chairs, washing machine on the side and refrigerator, glass doors and wooden floors

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