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Our team all work very closely to make The Pod a success in Canberra, creating a high quality product and a reputable well known brand.

Our architecturally designed Pods are a modern take on the granny flat / secondary residence in Canberra. We have a sleek linear design with large glass doors, wooden feature cladding, and spacious internals. The overall appearance is an aesthetically pleasing home that can be painted to match the existing property on the block. Each of our Pod designs are specifically designed for disability use. Only minimal conversions will be required to make the Pod completely accessible for people with a disability. A design acceptance report from a disability architect is our guarantee that your Pod will meet those requirements.

The traditional house and land is becoming more expensive for the younger generation to buy. Young families are living at home with their parents, or in small homes that won’t be able to sustain their future family growth. Having a Pod has allowed young couples to have a bigger backyard with bigger living while being close to family or friends and enjoying suburban life rather than high-rise apartment living.

Parents or families have wanted to keep their family and friends closer to still have a connection, yet their own space. Therefore building a Pod is perfect for accommodating visitors or housing older kids that enjoy living at home with their own independent access as well.

The older generation wants their own space while still being close to their kids and grandchildren. Not all elderly are willing or wanting to be put in a nursing home, therefore a Pod in the backyard can be an ideal alternative.

The Pod has become an incredible addition to the existing home as an investment achieving surprising high yields to provide a positive outcome on clash flow.

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