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10 things to know when building a secondary residence

Father-daughter team explains what to look out for when building your granny flat / secondary residence. Robert Valk and Jacqueline Valk have created an eBook to share their experience when building clients secondary residences / granny flats.  There are 10 main things to watch out for, check on and be mindful of. Rob and Jacki […]

We are finalists in the 2020 Master Builders Awards

Finalists? We are proud to announce the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Chifley Pod project is a finalist in the Special Purpose/Adaptable Dwelling category of the 2020 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards.   When do the awards take place? Winners will be announced through a digital campaign on the Master Builders ACT Facebook and LinkedIn pages […]

Home Loan Requirements for a Secondary Residence

Thinking of financing your secondary residence with a Home Loan? A common way to finance your secondary residence is through a Home Loan. You can directly transact with your bank or you can reach out to a mortgage broker for some help. Here are the basic requirements to apply for a home loan to finance […]

What to Expect During a Site Inspection for Secondary Residences

Building a secondary residence requires the builders to meet you on-site for inspection. You may be wondering what happens during site inspection so we have listed down the things that need to be completed during site inspection so you can be prepared. The inspection involves examining and checking a block/site to make sure that the […]

Working from home? A Pod is perfect!

There are two opinions when it comes to working from home. Some think that you will not be productive because of distractions and the other one is, you will be productive in the comfort of your home with your loved ones. What do you think? The possibility of being happy and productive will depend on […]

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