Which is the best design for your granny flat?

An important part of researching for a granny flat is the design that will best suit all of your needs and also provide comfortable living spaces. Any new building is required to meet with 6-star energy rating that will help with comfort and running costs and also provides the use of the latest building practices and materials.


Keeping it simple

The architecture of a secondary residence or granny flat should be a modern and simple design. It should have a linear expression to enhance the backyard of any property. This way your granny flat looks attractive from the existing property and matches the colours of the existing home. It also should have that ‘wow’ factor to enhance the marketability and improved value of the rental and future sale.

Maximise Space

The internal design has to be maximised with the use of space. Therefore no corridors and large open rooms that all can maximise the use of the northern sun. Your main bedroom needs to be big enough to accommodate a king size bed and full lounge suite to maximise comfort.


It’s important to have contrast in design and colours to please the eye. Angled roofs and/or shower screens are recommended. Plus having light living colours with a dark charcoal or black window frames and blinds add to enhance visual satisfaction.


The kitchen

The kitchen is such an important part of the home and in our designs. We believe that a simple solution along an entire wall with a separate pantry is the best option. Also keeping light and bright colours creates an open space feel. A single linear concept that accommodates all the facilities that one desires to allow for all cuisines.

The bathroom

All secondary residences built in 2018 are required to be able to convert to disability compliant. This must be completed with minimal changes to make it suitable for anyone who may be handicapped. Therefore the bathroom is larger than a standard bathroom to allow for a wheelchair. I would suggest that the bathroom is accessible from the living, kitchen or laundry area and not from the bedrooms. This is so guests can feel comfortable without entering a private bedroom space.

The rumpus & dining

We recommend a combined rumpus and dining area with L shaped lounges and a 4 seater round table. These stereotypically have been the best options. We feel this would be the best in all granny flats/ secondary residences. You want to make sure that the kitchen is separated from the dining area before it reaches the lounge/ rumpus area. This creates a segregated living with designated spots and opens up space.

In summary, the design should always look for the simplest method. This is to provide the greatest value of open space while using the minimalist approach.
The added value is also flexibility to be able to use as a disabled residence if and when required at minimal cost to the occupant/owner.


This blog is general in nature and of the opinion of The Pod Canberra.

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