5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year

Whether you’re selling your home now or later, getting the most value you can for your block of land is essential. 

Here are a few ways you can increase your home value before selling. 


1.Interior and exterior design 

It’s important that when you have an open house that people walk in and can picture themselves living there, that is how you want them to feel. If possible update a few things like lighting, curtains, flooring and some of the kitchen and bathroom finishes. This creates an “unused” feeling to everything.


2.Fresh paint

It is incredible what a fresh coat of paint can add to a home’s look and feel and boost the value as well. Apparently research shows that the colour ivory is the one colour that will add value to your home. 



Having a designated area outside where you can entertain and enjoy outdoor activities is desirable to most families. Creating a shaded area is important but if you’re looking for a great value boost, why not have an outdoor grill and kitchen area, fire pit or a pool. 


4.Gas heating and gas appliances

We all love learning new ways of saving money, saving energy and most of all, how we can be more environmentally conscious as gas may produce less greenhouse gas emissions than electricity. Installing gas heating and appliances allows people to feel like I will be saving money and energy in the long run and saving them time from having to go out and find the appliances. 


5.Build a secondary residence in your backyard

If you have a good amount of unused space in your backyard best you find a way to invest in it and have your block of land work for you. It has become more and more popular for families to want to stay together and split costs, like a space for your elderly parents, a retreat for the kids, a home office,a music studio or you can rent it out and make some additional income which can help with the mortgage. A secondary residence can be a huge value booster for your home overall. 


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