Secondary Residences be built as a Main Residence?

We get inquiries wanting to build the Pod as their main residence as they find it as their ideal home to live in. We are grateful that some people are finding our product as their dream house.

While The Pod Canberra specializes in secondary residences, we can help you build the Pod as your main dwelling. We can organize 2,3 & 4 bedroom options for your new Pod.

There are a few general things you need to know if you want a Secondary residence or A Pod as your main residence.

  1. If you have an existing residence on the block, you plan to knock it down and replace it with the Pod to be the main residence.
  2. If you plan to build two Pods on your block, you can. We suggest a larger Pod as the main residence and the smaller one stands as the secondary residence.
  3. If you plan to build 2 -4 secondary houses on a clear block, you’ll need to check your zoning requirements, if it is allowed, this is also possible.

If you choose the Pod as the main residence, you must contact an architect or draftsman to get the exact rules and regulations at the time you are looking to build. 

Best to contact VRD Design for all of your options. They specialize in the rules and regulations for ACT and NSW, they can consult you on your project as well as design your plans for it. The best person to contact is Robert Valk.

VRD Design


(02 6101 5917

Please note that when you opt to build the Pod as your main dwelling, we need to adhere to the housing rules rather than the secondary residence rules

If you have the land to build your dream home, there are always options to go for it!

This article is general and of the opinion of the writer. No sources have been used to create this article. 

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