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NSW Secondary Residences Rules and Regulations

Are you in NSW and want to build a secondary residence or granny flat in your backyard? We have prepared the NSW Rules for a Secondary Dwelling for you. These rules are found in the Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP). What is the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP? The State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable […]

Kit & Modular Homes vs. Built-On-Site

So, you’re looking into building your secondary home in your backyard and realized that there are different types of building structures being offered at vastly different costs. Now you’re a little confused? We don’t blame you at all. We get a number of inquiries about Kit Homes, Modular Homes, and built-on-site secondary residences on a […]

Disability Rules for Secondary Residences in Canberra ACT

Many people are interested in putting a secondary residence onto their property. Some people want a studio and others love the idea of having an extra 2 bedrooms in their backyard. Common reasons for a secondary residence are for investment, accommodation for grandparents and separation from growing children. Investors get a Pod to rent out […]

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