Thank you to our amazing new clients/ supporters/ believers in The Pod Canberra. It’s been an incredible Journey so far and we are looking forward to growing each year and giving back whatever we can. 

As Jim Rohn always said, to give 10 cents out of a dollar seems easy but when it’s a million dollars its much harder to give away $100,000. Start early so you can give more as you grow and it become a part of you and who you are. 

If you would like to help School For Life and help this good cause, please visit their website to see upcoming events, ways to help and their culture. You may get hooked like we did.

Learn more here and sponsor a child today! It’s so worth it. 

For every 4 Pods sold

We build a home in Uganda

Jacki had the great pleasure of meeting Annabelle Chauncy in Sydney at a black tie ball. Jacki personally sponsors children in Africa, and after hearing about Annabelles wild journey to help kids have a better education, she wanted to get on board. 

Jacki & Annabelle have come together to figure out a way that The Pod Canberra can help the most. That is for every 4 Pods sold, The Pod donates its profits to build an entire home in Uganda. Annabelle mentions the homes will be for the hard-working teachers and staff. 

We are so excited to start this journey together in 2020 and build houses (not quite Pods yet but we may get there!) for those in need. 

The Pod Canberra currently sponsors 2 children at the School For Life in Uganda.