How Much Will A Granny Flat Cost Me?

Cost of Granny Flats Canberra

How much will a granny flat cost me? You might ask. We have summarised the base costs and options you need to think of when building or purchasing a granny flat in Canberra ACT.

When looking at building a secondary residence (granny flat), there can be so many options to choose from and all with such different prices. We wrote this article together to help you make sure you’re comparing ‘apples with apples.’ 

So how much do I need to shell out to have a granny flat that is convenient for me?  

The cost will first depend on what type of granny flat you like, click here to see the differences in kit homes, modular and on-site builds. You may want something basic or something modern and large.

Every Secondary residence is different. But like everything, you get what you pay for. 

Base costs

So the base costs can vary with what you choose. 

Usually, there are room options suitable for an office, studio options with a bed, one-bedroom and two-bedroom options. The largest secondary residence you can build in the ACT is 90m2. 

Consider asking for quotes from professional granny flat builders. You will usually receive a quote for the build, and the base finishes if they offer more fantastic! Get all of the options.

Additional costs

Tie in or connection costs. These costs involve: 

1- Plumbing connection from the primary residence to the secondary residence (granny flat) of storm water, sewerage and water. 

2- Electrician connecting internet, telephone, Foxtel, to the current house as well as installing new connection from the pole or current residence to the secondary residence (granny flat). 

NOTE: You may need to upgrade your power supply too if it’s built for a single-phase. A secondary residence (granny flat) can take up a single phase on its own. 

Site costs

If you have existing shed concrete slabs, this may need to be removed. 

If the site does have trees and needs to be removed, these are some of the options: 

1, Opt for removal or

2, Workaround them, excavation may cost you if you’re building with a concrete slab and also if you want separate access with a driveway or a car port, these require arrangements. – Things to ponder when preparing the site. 

Important things to ask a builder: 

Do they include the plan and approvals?

This is an essential part of the process that can be costly and very time consuming. You will require an architect or draftsperson to design the plans and get approval, whether that is for a full DA Approval or for BA Approval

Which part of the process do they provide?

i.e. a turn-key solution? Turnkey is allowing the builder to provide everything to a complete solution meaning, flooring blinds, appliances, full kitchen, televisions, etc. 

Every builder is different and may provide it up to a different stage. You want to be very clear on what you are getting because they may not have included the flooring, blinds and fit off extras. You need to make sure there are no extra costs once you have agreed or received a price. 

Optional extras

Other options are available, too. They come at a higher value but maybe worth extra of your money. You might want to have high-end bamboo flooring, AEG or Boshe kitchen appliances, Velux operable skylight in the bathroom to watch the stars in the shower at night, you may want a full package with all furniture provided, there are so many options. The key is to have a list of everything you could possibly want. Then markup which ones are absolute musts and work with the builder on prices to get what you want and hopefully some or all of the extras as well.

There are a lot of options that will suit each budget and taste. A granny flat in most cases can be less expensive than building a house or adding an extension. If you want to live in it, you will have different requirements than renting it out. 

Make sure you know what you want to do with it and also if your plans do change in the future. To make changes can be costly therefore try and think of as much as you can in the beginning and get quotes based on that. Check the quotes, see displays, talk to their previous customers and make sure you chose the right builder and they will take care of your project – And your soon to be Secondary Residence. 

All the best with your project!

The Pod Canberra Team.


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