Stage 1.

Site Inspection

We would like to meet you face to face so we can see how we can serve you and provide you the best option for your needs. Stage 1 includes a site inspection and a display visit.

SEE YOU: We are required to conduct a full site visit to make sure of any potential site issues such as levels, trees and current buildings on the site. This is a free service. Click here to see what is involved in a site inspection.

SEE US: We believe that to understand our level of detail, inclusions and way we conduct business is for you to come and see an already built Pod. It’s hard to gage size and why we aren’t the cheapest solution out there until you see it for yourself.

After these two processes are complete our design team will come back to you with a final costing and evaluation of your new secondary residence.

two people discussing about finance, laptop, coffee, notes

Stage 2.

Quote & Proposal

Once you’re happy to go ahead with the project, it’s time to pick your inclusions and finishes. This might entail coming to our office to pick or going to our supplier. There are a few signatures and financials we need to get, and then you’re on your way to getting your new secondary residence.  All which is outlines in your fee proposal in stage one.

Stage 3.

Plans are drawn and submitted for Development Application

We survey your block and get accurate plans drawn on your site and make sure you’re 100% happy with the layout and positioning prior to submission. We then handle the whole process of council approvals, set back requirements and design.

Once you give us the sign off, we submit the Development Application (DA), then it’s a waiting game.

It takes on average 8 weeks to get sign off approval for the DA.

Sketch of design, pencil and ruler

Stage 4.

DA and Building Approval complete

We will recieve notification that DA has been approved, from here it is all systems go.

Our team will onboard the building certifier in order to receive a BA, get a start date and then we are ready to proceed to the next stage.

This process only takes on average a week.

Stage 5.


This is where it gets really exciting. Construction will take place on your block and the site will be prepared. This can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 30 weeks depending on each build, client circumstance, weather and more. Please note any custom suppliers, products etc will incur a delay and timeframes that fall over holiday periods will incur a delay. All of which will be explained in your proposal and project at the time. 

Stage 1. Site prep

Stage 2. Footings and floor frame

Stage 3. Wall framing and roof

Stage 4. Lockup stage

Stage 5. Kitchen & laundry installed plus waterproofing, tiling and painting

Stage 6. Beginning stages of fit-off

Stage 7. Final fit off and practical completion

The process is then complete and certificates created plus hand over.

Click here to see images of the whole build process from start to finish

Under construction flat surrounded by construction materials
Couple receiving keys

Stage 6.

Hand over

Once construction is complete we will be happy to hand over the Pod keys to you. This will come with all included warranties, product information and certificates.

We give you a copy of your plans and approvals as well as a 180-day builder defect period.

We will follow up with you to make sure you’re continuously happy with your new Pod.

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