A variation is a change to the contract, inclusions and/or the plans. This might be upgrading to different tiles, wardrobe doors or decking size. Any changes must go through the builder and get signed off by the client either verbally or by a variation document prior to any works being completed. 

Please note that any variations will push out the timeframe of the estimated build time. Ensure you ask the builder on their estimate but schedules need to updated on multiple ends to make variations work during the construction.

50% payment is usually required to start any variation unless stated otherwise. You must pay this within 7 days otherwise the build might surpass the variation. 


Any large change such as window size or structural elements of the Pod changing throughout the build will require an ammendement. 

Please note The Pod may not be able to accept the time extension of the ammendement and therefore won’t possible to grant to the client.

If the Pod is able to accept the ammendement this will need an approval through a government entity or certifier, both of which require ammendement fees. The Pod will not be liable for any changes to schedules due to ammendments.

These are additional costs and not yet known until the ammendement has been lodged and accepted by these entities.