Top 5 Design Elements We Love in Secondary Residences.

Small house design is the next big thing. Check out our top 5 design elements we love in small tiny homes and secondary residences. 

1. Large glass opening windows/doors

This design makes the room look wider. Long – wide glass window and doors can make your room look larger. Letting natural light inside the room will give you positive vibes each day.

2. Steel frame foundations

In small homes and secondary residences, this is a cost-efficient and stylish way to build. Steel framing foundations are very quick to assemble. If you’re planning to have a small home, steel framing is an excellent idea. As long as your house has insulation batts in the walls floor and ceiling, this is a perfect option.  

3. Having an indoor/outdoor area

When you have a small house, you want to enjoy the area around it. Perhaps extending a deck or making a lovely outdoor space with a fire pit, an outdoor seating area or a dinner area. An excellent way for your tiny home to welcome visitors. 

4. Versatile Rooms

Perhaps you want an office or a bedroom? Maybe you can have both. Wall beds and custom joinery are great solutions in small houses. Ikea is even great for that! You want to be able to make areas more usable and be able to change from an office to living to bedroom. 

5. Skylights
(One of our personal favourites)

A beautiful skylight can change the Feng Shui of an entire room. When you’re living in a smaller space, skylights can make such a difference. You can get all sorts from vented, non- vented, fixed and operable, they don’t come cheap, but they are worth it!

There are so many great design elements, and we are trying our best every day to make sure we are updated to the latest trends. If you have some ideas or see anything you think we would like, we would love to hear from you. 

Written by The Pod Canberra Team |1300 THE POD

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