Building on a rural block

Questions to know/ask

When purchasing or planning to build on a rural block in NSW, there are certain questions and things you should know about the block to see what is viable. These questions can drastically change the approvals, build cost and types of materials that can be used during construction so ensure you know as much about the site as possible.

  • What is the Zoning of the lot/ block?
  • Is it possible to build more than a single residence? If so, how many can I build?
  • How large can I build a dwelling/ secondary dwelling? 
  • What is the building envelope?
  • What planning codes are related to my site?
  • Is there a fire rating (BAL rating) on my block? and any restrictions that may relate/ impact my site?
  • Does there need to be enviro-cycle sprayers and effluent management system (septic)?
  • What is the minimum water tank requirement?
  • What is the power supply that I can get on my block?
  • Is there a snow loading requirement
  • What is the wind rating?

Materials that will change

Being on a rural block you are subject to wildlife and harsh conditions. Wildlife to be cautious of are snakes, they like warm areas and can be found under the house, on top of the hot water system or heating systems. You will want to ensure they are closed off and safe from wildlife and critters that you don’t want to find around your home. 

There can be extreme heat and cold in these areas. We suggest eaves, sails, patios (depending on wind loadings) for the summers and for the winters; heavy insulation in ceiling, walls and floors are essential. Ideally UPVC windows are great for rural areas because of the sealing capacity.

You may need to enclose any subfloor and also ensure there is water/drainage run off. 

We can talk you though anything you need to know and it is always good to do your research. 

You can find out zoning and block information by contacting your local council.

Please feel free to email us at or phone 1300 843 763. 

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