Costs to Expect when building a Granny Flat / Secondary Residence

There are many costs not discussed when you see the ticketed price from companies. You get their best price without knowing what that price includes. Sometimes what you’re really wanting or what they are showing you are all add-on’s. We have come across it many times that people go through months and months of a process with one company to then only realise it was way more expensive than they were originally told, plus a lot higher than what the clients had budgeted for. It is a good idea from the beginning to find out and ask these questions so you’re in the driver’s seat to your own granny flat/ secondary residence build.

Tie in/ Connection costs

Here are some  additional costs that you will likely come across in your secondary residence build and to make sure that they are a part of your initial quote

The most common connections are:

  • Plumbing connections from the primary residence to the secondary residence (granny flat) of storm water, sewerage and water.
  • Electrician connecting internet, telephone, power, to the current house NOTE: You may need to upgrade your power supply too if the main residence is originally  built with  a single-phase. This is because a secondary residence /granny flat with hot plates, and oven and air conditioning can take a single phase on its own.

Site cost

  • If you have existing shed concrete slabs, this will likely need to be removed or cut through
  • If the site has trees that need to be removed, these are some of the options: 
  • Opt for removal or
  • Workaround them,

Optional extras

  • Excavation (may cost you if you want the residence close to a boundary but because of overshadowing rules and regulations will cause you to lower the structure which will likely mean excavation, potential retaining walls and back filling)

  • Site works (removal of trees, retaining walls can be completed by the owner prior if preferred so make sure you mention that to save costs in the long run)

  • Building on a concrete slab 

  • Driveways or a carports

  • Island bench

  • Upgraded appliances and/or tap ware

  • Solar

  • Off grid

  • Electrical switch upgrades

  • Certain colour specification

  • Full furniture package

  • The list can go on.

We recommend for you to make a wish list of the must-haves and work with your builder/ secondary residence specialist to identify what would fit within your budget. 

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