Launching the new MINI Pod

Many people have been asking for a pool house option, a Airbnb solution or an office version of our stunning Pods. Well, here is the answer…


This ‘Mini Pod’ contains:

  • Bedroom,
  • Bathroom and
  • Walk through robe

It comes with block-out roller blinds, a TV on the wall, High quality tapwear, double glazed sliding doors and window, high-quality wardrobe internals with shelving and draws, Clipsal power-points, LED down-lights, kitchen strip lighting, Hybrid stone (wood look) floor coverings and a small deck/ landing with stairs. 


The Mini Pod, also known to us as ‘The Office Pod’ or ‘Hotel Room Pod’ costs $140,000 plus any site excavation works and connection costs for electricity and plumbing (which varies each block). 

This is a Built-on-site Pod and takes approximately 8-12 weeks to build.


SOLAR You can opt to have an off grid and sustainable Mini Pod with solar panels and a battery pack system.

TANK a 5000L tank is included and if you want to use it for filtered water this can cost around $2000 for a micron and UV filter.

TOILETS, self composting toilets are a great way to be sustainable and eco friendly, it does require maintenance and they are more expensive than regular toilets.

GREY-WATER tank could be added for garden use, that takes the shower and sink used water, treats it and can be used to spray over the garden.

All of these solutions would make your Pod off grid and self sustainable. This would also remove any of the standard connection costs.

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