Picking the right products

Picking the right products for your home is very important, it’s important because the right product can last you years and save you the hassle of having to redo it.


This is never more prevalent than your flooring choice, whether you choose carpet, wood, tiles, linoleum or hybrid flooring. You must take into consideration your lifestyle, who is in your home and the types of things you use that space for. For example if you have children or pets carpet and wood flooring might not be the best options because both these options have the ability to stain and scratch which is inevitable when pets and children are involved. Where you choose your flooring is important because not all flooring is created equal, flooring used in areas where they are going to get wet, like the bathroom laundry and possibly the kitchen you must choose a floor that can withstand this like tiles, some wood flooring, linoleum or some hybrid flooring options. The right flooring can also add interest and dimension to a room for example carpet in the bedroom creates a cosy atmosphere.


There are a few decisions beyond just aesthetics when it comes to kitchen design, one of those being the countertop. There are many great options when it comes to countertops that suit just about any style, one thing to be considerate when choosing is material, not all materials work for everyone for example marble looks great but is a very porous material and can soak up stains very easily. Wood and concrete are other materials that look great but will show wear and tear quite easily.


The Bathroom is a space in the home where the products you use (as long as they are appropriate for a wet area) can really show your personality and style aesthetic. The main decision to make is whether to include a bathtub or not, space and mobility are big determining factors with this one. Baths are great for relaxing, great if you have children or pets. They can become tricky if you or someone in your home has mobility issues as they can be difficult to get in and out of.

This is just a very brief list of some things to consider when building a home, lifestyle, aesthetics and practicality are all factors that you have to consider when choosing fittings for your home, and hopefully if you chose correctly the will last you through the years and look just as good as they day they were installed. 

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