Affordable Housing for elderly Canberrans

The Pod Canberra is helping to solve ‘aging in place’ in Australia

Reaching a senior age, people understand that there are things that they cannot do by themselves anymore. Being conscious of deteriorating health, slight mobility and flexibility, they are afraid of being dependent and start to be a burden on their loved ones. Extending help when needed but at the same time being self-sufficient, there are some options that are available for them. Each option brings about assistance to their everyday life.

Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) housing options advisory service is offering the following to those over 50 years of age with housing issues:

  • Accessing Home Care Packages to help you stay in your own home
  • Accessing NDIS Arrangements to help you stay in your own home
  • Accessing community support systems for seniors in the ACT  
  • Advice on home modifications and/or downsizing to a smaller home
  • Advice on de-cluttering / helping someone with a hoarding disorder
  • Accessing appropriate ACT Public Housing and private housing options
  • Advice on Retirement Villages
  • Advice on assistance for carers (including Respite Care options)
  • Accessing Residential Aged Care Facilities
  • Rental options
  • Visit CotACT housing services (more info on this site)

The best option is to prepare for such a time rather than leave it too late.

Choosing the best product on the market is not an easy task because affordability is a factor that needs to be considered for everyone. Although, putting up a secondary residence in an idle part of your lot for your aged loved ones is something practical.

Allowing them to still exercise their independence but at the same time caring for their needs is like hitting two birds with one stone. Making them feel that help is just a few steps away but having privacy for both households. The Pod Canberra can fit off a secondary residence with Bluetooth lighting and doors that can be controlled by a tablet or device. This type of option is affordable when comparing to a bond for a retirement village or aged care facilities.

Staying near the place where they have lived or living close to family would be highly preferred for a lot of elderly. As much as they want independence, the importance of the connection of family far outweighs options of aged care facilities.

A secondary residence is a home in the backyard of another residence. We have to make sure that the site has access for a wheelchair, the internals have wider than normal doors and built-in bracing in the walls in order to prepare to make it easily adaptable if required.

It can be a big adjustment moving into an aged care facility, therefore something in the backyard of where they may be familiar with is a big advantage. Secondary residences can help the elderly maintain quality of life while feeling as though they have independence and privacy.

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