Smaller homes = A happier life

Living in a smaller home means you can afford nicer quality products and fittings in your home. You will have fewer items and being a higher quality means they will also last longer, therefore, saving you money having to replace furniture and fittings that would only be required in a large home.

At The POD Canberra, we believe that there is a great feeling of freedom and liberation when cutting down the number of items that you own. It becomes a wonderful feeling when the only items that you have, are that of quality. We know many people who would choose quality and live in a smaller studio or 2 bedrooms flat then the chaos of living in a large 4-6 bedroom home.

Having a secondary residence means you can downgrade from the larger house or have the secondary residence/ granny flat as a guest house. Being in your backyard it’s a perfect option to move your kids in there or your parents. This way you’re closer to the family. Otherwise, you can make the whole area an office or studio, which also can make your life happier as you won’t be stuck in the morning work traffic.

There are financial benefits as well, if you rent out your secondary residence/ granny flat it will create a secondary income for the homeowner. The residence will have private access and security if preferred so you each get your privacy and allocated car spaces, letter boxes, separate bills etc.

Interior designers have suggested that having fewer bedrooms creates less stress. You’ll have fewer items and clutter plus every item will have a home (a place to be put). Some also suggest that having an open design with bright internal colours can overall, make you a happier person. I know for myself that is true, I live around white walls, windows and a timber look floor and it always feels modern, clean and sleek. I do feel happier when coming home to my smaller Pod then when I got into the large home on the block.

The question is: Could your life benefit from having higher quality, fewer products? Would it free up your mind sometimes when living this way? If not you, then who do you know that this would benefit?

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